For Next Generation Energy Industry Sectors for the structural transformation of the energy industry

VPP Japan Inc.
Installs captive consumption-type photovoltaic power generation systems mainly for supermarkets and provides electric power supply services. In the future, the company plans to expand its VPP business by moving into the installation and optimized operation of storage batteries.
Sharing Energy Co., Ltd.
Provides self-consumption type power supply service for residential homes and buildings by installing solar photovoltaic power generation systems and supplying generated power. In the future, the company seeks to enter the VPP business and the P2P power trading platform business.
Nature Inc.
Nature Remo is a smart remote control that let you connect your appliances to the Internet, making smart home possible for anyone. With Nature Remo, you can control the AC with a smartphone on the go, or you can control the TV, lighting, and other appliances from smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Nature Remo E enables easy to use energy management for your home. Nature Inc. will integrate internet and sensor technologies to maximize the smart home energy efficiencies.
Crean Energy Connect, Inc.
Clean Energy Connect arranges and implements the best green electricity solutions for corporate customers. The company also invests in its own generation capacity to ensure the stable supply of green electricity.
Chuo Electric Power Co., Ltd.
A leading company in the collective high-voltage power supply business for large apartments. Reduces electricity charges through bulk buying of electric power at high voltage.
i-GRID Solutions
Provides energy-efficiency services for operations improvement to retailers and distributors, with main focus in the supermarkets market. The company also offers power retail services, photovoltaic power generation and demand response, etc.
SymEnergy Inc.
Offers energy-efficiency services designed for improved equipment operations, operates electricity retail business, BEMS aggregator business, and photovoltaic, geothermal and small-scale biomass power generation business, etc.
IPO in 2017
Develops and operates renewable energy power generation facilities, such as photovoltaic, biomass, wind and geothermal power generation. Strives to realize the building of green and self-sustaining energy systems.
IPO in 2018
Kasumigaseki Capital Inc.
Develops and operates renewable energy power generation facilities, focusing on photovoltaic and wind power generation. Has a strong track record of effective utilization of real estate, from renewable energy to commercial facilities.
SmartPower Service Corp.
Provides energy efficiency solutions for apartment buildings. Expanding business operations through the introduction of LED lighting for common and exclusive areas and synchronization of power generation/storage systems.
Furusato Netsu-den Co., Ltd
Operates geothermal power generation systems in Waitamachi, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture. Also promotes efforts toward regional revitalization through its thermal resources, including support for greenhouses and the supply of hot water to hot-spring hotels and inns.
M&A in 2020
I AND C-Cruise Co., Ltd.
Operates internet media related to everyday living, such as Green Energy Navi, a matching site for photovoltaic power generation systems and Reshop Navi, a site for comparing home-reform service providers.
NS Materials Inc.
Develops, manufactures and sells quantum dot-based LED phosphors using nanotechnology. Provides solutions that enable both higher performance and lower power consumption for next-generation displays.
IPO in 2011
W-Scope Corporation
Develops, manufactures and sells lithium-ion secondary battery separators. Expertise in new product development leveraging its unique macromolecular film technology.
LE System Co., Ltd.
Develops and manufactures electrolyte solution used in vanadium-based redux flow batteries. Its proprietary technology enables low cost manufacturing of vanadium-based electrolyte solutions.
Developer and solution provider of Gallium Oxide (Ga2O3)-based next-generation power devices with overwhelmingly superior material characteristics. Its technology solutions enable significant reduction of the power loss through power conversion.
Innowatts, Inc.
Provides energy businesses with solutions for electric power procurement, product design, pricing strategies and customer engagement, etc. through AI analysis of power demand data. Head office located in the United States.

For Smart Society Smart Homes, Cities, Industries, Mobilization, etc.-Related Sectors

LiLz Inc.
Lilz fuses machine learning and IoT technology to simplify industrial maintenance. The Lilz Gauge is a low-cost battery-powered IoT camera which allows visual inspections to be conducted remotely and with no additional infrastructure and making industrial maintenance smarter.
Nyle Inc.
Nile is a startup focused on digital marketing, media technology and mobility services. Nile’s 100% remote car lease service allows users to lease vehicles without needing to visit physical stores and offers highly competitive rates starting from just over 10,000 per month.
CLUE, Inc.
CLUE, Inc. offers software for construction management and maintenance using drones. DroneRoofer allows roof inspections to be conducted with ease, while their construction management software uses drones for monitoring progress on construction sites.
ANSeeN Inc.
ANSeeN designs, develops and manufactures X-ray imaging sensors with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution. By enabling swifter and more precise inspections with lower radiation dosages, ANSeeN’s sensors help make the world a safer place.
207, Inc.
207 uses it’s cutting edge IT to resolve the inefficiencies of last mile logistics and simplify parcel delivery. The company is also working on creating an integrated last-mile platform that combines parcel delivery with other new services and experiences.
Smaten provides an intelligent platform for comanies to conduct their mandatory fire inspections, contributing to safer and more resilient cities.
Yukai Engineering Inc.
Providing high-quality, low-cost IoT devices, including an emotional user interface (communication robot, BOCCO) that further enhances communication and allows users to have an attachment.
Shippio, Inc.

Shippio is Japan’s first digital freight forwarder. We are providing import/export arrangements such as transportation (land, sea, air) and customs clearance, and also managing transportation status, customs documents, and contact information on the cloud. Centralizing and visualizing the information improves shippers’ productivity and reduces the burden of the trade operations.

mui Lab, Inc.
“Calm Design,” a technology startup that designs and fosters a relationship with calm technology. Based on the concept of “nature & out of sight and mind,” mui provides smart home solutions with technology, human life, and nature harmonization at the heart of the design concept.
SkyDrive Inc.

SkyDrive commits and contributes to the society of future mobility, and proceeding with the implementation of “Flying Cars (eVTOL),” which is a large size drone with pilots.

Skydisc, Inc.
Provides efficiency solutions mainly to manufacturers through industrial digitalization that leverages IoT, sensor data and AI.
Glamo Inc.
Manufactures and sells smart remote controllers enabling users to control home electronics appliances from outside the home with their smartphones. Provides a smart home system solution where one can automatically control home electric appliances, household equipment and automatic locks.
Kamarq Holdings Pte. Ltd.
A start-up that links IoT and furniture. Designs, manufactures and sells IoT-based designer furniture. Also provides IoT services for smart homes, etc.
Atmoph Inc.
Developed, manufactures and sells the world’s first digital window, Atmoph Window, as an IoT device for smart homes.
robot start inc.
Operates a media consulting platform business in the areas of communication robots and AI voice assistant speaker applications.
H2L Inc.
Develops and sells UnlimitedHand, the tactile controller that leverages optical sensors and EMG stimulation. The controller is highly compatible with AR/VR domains.
Utilizing 3D motion analysis technology leveraging its proprietary Moff Band wearable device, provides nursing care and healthcare solutions.
IPO in 2016
Manufactures and sells prototypes, various parts and products using 3D printers and sand mold casting, sells industrial CT, and provides inspection and measurement services.
dricos, Inc.
Manufactures and sells healthServer, the supplement server that provides personalized nutrients on the basis of health data and recent actions.
Rei-Frontier Inc.
Provides solutions to businesses through AI-based analysis of behavioral information collected via smartphones. Also entering smart city and smart mobility-related applications.

For Sustainable Resources Sectors for Effective Utilization of Resources

Amica Terra Co., Ltd.

Amica Terra manufactures cost-competitive plastic alternatives that are 100% biodegradable, entirely plant-based and which do not release methane upon decomposition.

Sustainable Lab’s “ESG Tellust” platform uses AI to visualize the ESG and SDG related performance of companies. Using proprietary technology in data design, extraction and machine learning, the company encourages business to become more sustainable.
Shuuumatu Worker
Shuuumatu Worker operates one of Japan’s largest matching platforms dedicated to second jobs. The company makes second jobs workable by providing generous support to both employers and employees, helping relieve Japan’s serious labor shortage problem in the process.
Zehitomo Inc.
Zehitomo is a customer acquisition platform for freelancers and small businesses specializing in local services.
Yuwaeru was founded in 2009 with the mission of using food as a means to make the world a healthier and happier place. The company’s natural food products combine the essence of traditional Japanese cuisine with the modern way of life. Nekase-genmai, the company’s flagship product, is a nutritious yet delicious instant brown rice with a unique texture and none of the unpalatable aftertaste characteristic of conventional brown rice. As a D2C company, Yuwaeru manufactures, markets, and distributes its products under its own brand while also manufacturing for a number of exclusive private labels.
IPO in 2020
Jimoty, Inc.
Operates Jimoty, one of Japan’s largest regional classified information sites. Provides a web bulletin board for local communities, offering information on second-hand goods, local job vacancies, etc.
Offers Magokoro Support, a livelihood support service for seniors via news agents and other community-based companies across Japan.
Operates the Casy housekeeping service. Seeing rapid membership growth utilizing its easy-to-use smartphone reservation function and price competitiveness achieved through a proprietary system that reduces inefficiencies.
IPO in 2021
coconala Inc.
Operates the C-to-C platform coconala for trading knowledge, skills and other services between individuals. Also operates a legal-counseling site and a marketplace for handmade goods.
Play Life Inc.
Operates PLAYLIFE, one of Japan’s largest interactive recreation-related media sites. Provides services for corporations and local governments to support regional revitalization.
carryon Co., Ltd.
Operates one of Japan’s largest online recycling platforms specializing in children’s wear. Expanding the business by leveraging its membership base of households with young children.
IPO in 2015
Focus on logistics properties to deliver comprehensive services that span the development of logistics properties to master leasing, leasing, property management and asset management.
ipoca Inc.
Developed and provides NEARLY, an app that helps realize effective sales promotions of brick and mortar retail outlets. Also offers O2O solutions for commercial facilities and local shopping areas.
favy, inc.
Operates favy, a digital content platform dedicated to eating-out. Offers promotional services to attract customers and various consulting services for restaurants and other food and beverage establishments.