through innovation and

The only venture capital firm in Japan focused
on the environment and energy sectors


We are a team of professionals with diverse experiences in multiple fields. The team members have varied backgrounds in energy, telecommunications, IT, finance and technologies. Many have also previously managed their own start-ups.


Since its foundation in 2006, EEI has been consistently investing on startups in the environment and energy fields.

Even before the Rockefeller Foundation coined the term “impact investment” in 2007, and the current situation where investment to solve social issues has been actively made, we take pride in having continued trial and error in solving social issues through venture investment in the environment and energy fields.

The philosophy lying behind such investment behavior is the belief that both solving social issues and business growth are compatible, in another word, “impact” produces “performance.”

Our Mission

About Us

through innovation and

We will seek to realize a sustainable economy, environment and society through the creation of new business and innovation. Toward the realization of a sustainable economy, environment, and society, we will work with start-ups in the Japanese market that will have significant global impacts.

Our Feature

The only venture capital firm in Japan focused on the environment and energy sectors
Since our establishment in 2006, we have provided investment and business growth support for venture companies positioned to drive innovation in the environment and energy sectors.
Extensive network with both large corporations and start-ups, in Japan and worldwide
Leveraging our unique position of having networks with both the energy industry and the start-up community, we serve as an optimum business development catalyst.
Sophisticated producing capabilities to generate success in the energy industry
In addition to supporting the building of alliances between start-ups and large corporations in Japan and overseas, we have also produced new businesses ourselves, leveraging our industry knowledge and knowhow.

Opportunity of fields where start-ups
can flourish expanding rapidly

Investment Focus

For Next Energy

Sectors related to the Structural transformation of the energy industry Companies with new innovative business models and technologies in the energy industry

Distributed energy resources / VPP (virtual power plants) / Energy marketplaces / Energy-efficiency, energy-creation and energy-storage technologies

For Smart Society

Sectors related to “smartification” Companies driving new business domains that contribute to greater efficiency, optimization and convenience for homes, industries and social infrastructure, etc

Smart home / Smart industry / Smart mobility / Smart city

For Sustainable Resources

Sectors for effective utilization of resources Companies that contribute to the effective utilization of key resources (human resources, natural resources, financial resources, and regional resources, etc.) for realizing a sustainable society

Utilization of human resources / Resources recycling / Financial circularity / Regional revitalization